Period Lighting Fixtures, Inc. was founded in 1974. The company's on-going search for early lighting designs has included visits to the Smithsonian Institute, the Historic American Buildings Survey, the index of American Design in Washington, DC, and many other national museums and historic landmarks. We have a unique relationship with many Historic museums and historic preservation societies.


We believe that a lighting fixture, by its very nature of bringing light to darkness, often has a special meaning to people. When we consider that it lights the way for the nighttime traveler, or provides a warm focal point for the gathering of friends, it is natural that some of us prefer the standard of our lighting to be consistent with those of the antiques and furnishings used throughout our homes. It is mandatory then that this standard embody both a classic simplicity of design faithful to the original design, and the finest, most enduring quality of craftsmanship.



An exceptional reproduction lighting fixture, like an exceptional antique, is a marriage of four components:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Finish
  • Ability and Sensitivity of the craftsman

Slight any one and the result will be inferior.


The designs seen here are faithful reproductions and always pleasing to the eye. They are free of the awkwardness so prevalent in most other reproductions. In all cases, the fixtures have been made to look old. Through special techniques, the various finishes will appear exactly as an original, indistinguishable from antiques two hundred years old or more. We have found that once the decision is made to place our fixtures in the proper setting in your home, it will remain a permanent part of you and will not yield to disillusionment, boredom, or change.


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